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Adolphe Nadau de Blonval was the first Nadau de Blonval in Trinidad, arriving there in 1880. Though his family had lived in Guadeloupe for several generations, it is believed that he was born in France in 1858 and lived in Paris. He was educated in Mathematics and languages so in order to make living, when he moved to Trinidad in 1880, he opened a school for boys in the St Anns area of Port of Spain. He later met Josephine Jelleret, a boarding student whose family lived in Barbados and the couple were married in 1882. After some years in Trinidad, Adolphe decided that there were better opportunities in Venezuela and moved the family there.  Adolphe and Josephine had six children. His  youngest daughter was Josephine. Josephine moved to Trinidad where she married Joseph AndrĂ© Tardieu. The family lived in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The Nadau de Blonval family tree shows eleven generations. Most reside in Venezuela and Trinidad but many have moved around the world, to the US, Canada, Australia, UK and elswhere.

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What's in a Name
The earliest member of this family found so far is Jacques Nadault b circa 1665 in La Rochelle, France. His son was Leonard Emmanuel Nadault de Treil and his grandson was Charles Francois Emmanuel Nadau de Treil who was Governor of Guadeloupe from 1757 to 1759. He lost his post when the British invaded Guadeloupe and captured it in 1759.
Charles' son was Hercule Reneau
Nadau de Treil and his son was Charles Francois Nadau de Blonval. This name remained the same for three generations until Marie Jacques Adolphe Nadau de Blonval shortened his name to de Blonval and his children again changed the name to Blonval which has remained so until today. So the name that was  Nadault in 1665 has become Blonval today
RIGHT:Adophe Nadau de Blonval  with his wife Josephine Jelleret and children Raoul and  Cecile

LEFT: Josephine (Blonval) Tardieu with her youngest daughter Joan cerca 1927