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John Mahon is the earliest Mahon found so far. We are not sure if john was born in Barbados, or when he was born but we do know that he was married in 1789 in St Lucy, Barbados to Sarah Napleton. John and Sarah are at the head of nine generations of Mahons in Barbados.
It is believed that the Mahons were planters but over the generations they have branched out into many other fields of endeavour.

Of interest, three generations down from John in the generation of Alexander Augustus Mahon  1847-1905, Three Mahon siblings married three Greaves siblings. thus making their offspring double first cousins. (See photo on Greaves page)
In the generation following, two Mahon sibling married two Alleyne siblings making their children double first cousins.

Thee are nine generations shown on the Mahon tree.
FRONT ROW     Left to Right
1.Norman  Mahon, John  Spence, William  Spence, Nan  Mahon, Dorothy  Mahon, Gloria  Conliffe, Glyne  Mahon, Laurie Yearwood, Betty Yearwood, Michael  Spence, Harold  Mahon, Dorothy  Spence

SECOND  ROW     Left to Right
1.Francis M.O.Alleyne, Mabel L.G.Alleyne ( nee Mahon ), Lena Thomas ( nee Mahon ), Miley  Mahon, Helena  Mahon ( m.Augustus Mahon ), Ingrid  Conliffe, ( in Grannie Mahon’s lap ), William  Mahon, Gertie  Mahon, Harry  Mahon, David  Conliffe ( on Harry’s knee ), Laurie  Mahon  ( nee Alleyne, Frank’s sister )

THIRD ROW         Left to right
1.Howard  Horton, Agatha L. Horton, ( nee Alleyne, carrying the yet unborn Monica Horton ), Mary  Mahon, Eileen Thomas, Barbara  Mahon, Elaine Richardson ( nee Alleyne.  Holding Maureen Richardson ) Maisie  Mahon ( Wife of Miley Mahon ), Colin  Alleyne, Mrs. Thornton ( mother-in-law of  William Mahon), Kathleen  Spence ( nee  Mahon ), Lisle  Spence, Annie  Bayne, ( Grannie Mahon’s niece ), Clement  Conliffe, Creighton  Laurie, Ruth  Laurie ( nee Mahon ), Agnes  Yearwood( Sister to Annie Bayne )

FOURTH  ROW         Left to Right
Campbell  Alleyne, Fred Thomas, Colin  Thomas, Stanley( Boy ) Mahon ( Miley’s son ), James  Richardson, Sis  Mahon, ( Daughter of William Mahon ), Herbert  Alleyne, Campbell  Mahon                ( Son of William Mahon ), Bob  Spence, Margery  Conliffe ( nee Alleyne ), John  Mahon ( Son of William Mahon ), Campbell  Mahon ( Son of Laurie and Harry Mahon ), Armel  Yearwood ( Husband of Agnes Yearwood ), .Blackett ( Servant )
Photo taken Christmas 1932 at Bush Hall House, St. Michael, Barbados
The Mahon family tree has, in large part, been put together by Robin Mahon and Robert Spence. I have added to it, particularly in the more recent generations of the tree and the greaves side of the family, but most of the work was done by them. It is still by no means complete, so if you have information on the family that does not show on this website (including Photos) we would very much appreciate recieving it from you so we can continue to grow the tree.