of Barbados

Some History
John Mahon is the earliest Mahon found so far. We are not sure if john was born in Barbados, or when he was born but we do know that he was married in 1789 in St Lucy, Barbados to Sarah Napleton. John and Sarah are at the head of nine generations of Mahons in Barbados.
It is believed that the Mahons were planters but over the generations they have branched out into many other fields of endeavour.

Of interest, three generations down from John in the generation of Alexander Augustus Mahon 1847-1905, Three Mahon siblings married three Greaves siblings. thus making their offspring double first cousins.
In the generation following, two Mahon sibling married two Alleyne siblings making their children double first cousins.

Thee are nine generations shown on the Mahon tree.
The Mahon family tree has, in large part, been put together by Robin Mahon and Robert Spence. I have added to it, particularly in the more recent generations of the tree and the greaves side of the family, but most of the work was done by them. It is still by no means complete, so if you have information on the family that does not show on this website (including Photos) we would very much appreciate recieving it from you so we can continue to grow the tree.
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I have added a Greaves tree to the tree page. The Mahon and Greves trees are the same for the last seven generations (descendants of Augustus Mahon and Helena Jane Greaves) but recent discoveries have allowed me to show the seven generations before that, back to Rev. Samuel Greaves (Graves) who came to Barbados from England in about 1640 and was the second Rector at St. Lucy Parish Church from 1643 to 1656. It appears that The Greaves' lived at and owned the Hope plantation in St. lucy for several generations.

There are twelve Generations shown on the Greaves Tree
Mahon Photos