Some History
Honoré Tardieu was the first Tardieu to travel to Trinidad. He was born in Marseille France and went to Trinidad via Martinique about 1788. Honore's two sons Andre and Charles also went to Trinidad with their father. Honore was granted about 250 acres of land at Naparima in the south of the island but later leased part of the island of Monos off the north west of Trindad. In 1802 Charles Tardieu married Jeannie Charbonné whose father also ad land on Monos. The Tardieus (Charles) started Whaling in Monos and at the peak had three waling stations.
The first Tardieu born in Trindad was the son of Charles, Philippe Honore who was born 05 May 1806. Charles and Jeannie had ten children in all.

The Tardieu family later bought land in Arima and Coura and began growing Cocoa.
The family remained in Trinidad and there are still many Tardieus on the island today.
My Grandfather, Joseph André Tardieu, married Josephine Blonval who had moved to Trinidad from Venezuela. The couple had five children and eighteen grandchildren.

There are nine generations of Tardieus shown in the family tree. Should you see errors or know of people places or dates not shown in the tree, please contact me at the address below.
The historic info above is taken from:
de Verteuil, Anthony - The Western isles of Trinidad
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