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TOP: Andrew and Josephine Tardieu at their plantation at Arima, Trinidad circa 1940.
Top Centre: Andrew Tardieu as a young man  1905?

RIGHT: Tardieu Family. Andrew centre, Josephine Right and four of their children Rose, Lita, Rita and Adolphe. Josephine's two sisters at rear of photo.
LEFT: Andrew and Josephine Tardieu with three of their daughters Rita, Lita and  Joan with Rita's children David and Charleen
BELOW LEFT: Tardieu family at Scotland Bay, Trinidad. The identity of those in the photo is unknown.

BELOW RIGHT: Andrew Tardieu Family home at 3 Tranquility Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Tardieu Lee Family Gathering 1959
Back Row L to R: Eldon Ottier, Joan (sellier) Tardiuu, Peter F. Lee, Nanette P. (Lee) Arneaud, Brian M. Lee, Frank H. Lee, June Anne (Lee) Alvarez, Maurice Alvarez.
Seated L to R:
Dorothy (Tardieu) Ottier, Reginald (Rex) Tardieu George A.Tardieu, Iris (Atkins) Tardieu, Ena Lucille (Tardieu) Lee, Sheila (Tardieu) Ollivieri.
Children L to R: Angelique Ottier, RenĂ© Ottier, Jean Pierre Tardieu Charles Olivieri, Marcel Tardieu, Corrine Ottier,Luanna Alvarez, Janine Tardieu, Gabrielle Lee,  Robert Alvarez